Occupy the Land: Unconference 2012 Registration Now Open!

 June 1st - 2nd - 3rd, 2012


On the weekend of June 1 to 3, NYCCGC will be collaborating with community gardens city-wide, community-based organizations, and several Occupy Wall Street working groups to hold what is known as an “unconference” in community gardens and other public space venues all over New York City. (An interactive map of Unconference locations is coming soon.)

An unconference is a participant-driven, non-hierarchical convening in which people freely offer to lead workshops and teach-ins. We intend to imbue our unconference with a spirit of celebration, and provide a platform for dialogue between different groups and struggles, from the local to the global.

Check out the map of workshops so far! It's not too late to add your garden. See the full list of workshops here.

View NYCCGC Unconference and the list of workshops in a larger map

Do you have something you want to teach? Something you want to learn? Register using the form below!

Workshops will cover a range of topics:  gardening techniques, do-it-yourself crafting,  the politics of land use and distribution of resources, and the impact of corporate agribusiness on local communities.

Artists and artist collectives will participate in multiple ways, including making work that looks at our relationship to nature, and by organizing community projects in which participants will make art and music together.

All Unconference events will be free and open to everybody.


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