NYCCGC Annual Meeting & Elections Thursday April 19

Join us at Neighborhood Preservation Center (232 East 11th St in Manhattan) on Thursday, April 19, from 6:30 to 8:30pm, for our monthly meeting of gardeners from across the city to discuss topics ranging from neighborhood issues to city-wide policies. Tell us what's going on in your garden!

This is NYCCGC's annual meeting, during which our Board of Directors elections will be held. This year there are six candidates: one (Kate Temple-West) is a new nominee, while five current Board members (Karen Washington, Vandra Thorburn, Magali Regis, Haja Worley, and Eric Thoman) are seeking re-election. Votes may be cast by NYCCGC members in good standing (annual dues current, minimum of three meetings attended in the past year). Read about the nominees.

Also up for discussion: Our meeting with Governor Cuomo's office, and the planning of the upcoming Occupy the Land Unconference, a departure from our traditional Community Gardeners' Forum.