Petition to Save Community Gardens on HPD Land

Dear friends,

Sign this petition TODAY!

For almost a year now community gardens on land under HPD (Housing Preservation and Development) jurisdiction have worked tirelessly with the support of NYCCGC, 596 Acres and other allied organizations in the fight to protect the 18+ community gardens we collectively steward. Over the year we have gained some ground although there is still no real commitment or result from the city. It is time to reconvene to let  public officials know that community gardens are public assets that demand protection. In order to strengthen our position and our ties to each other in the the fight to protect these public lands, we have created a petition as a single unified statement from every threatened garden community. Following the success of our most recent Brooklyn action we now ask that you please sign this petition along with your friends, family and neighbors. Blast it out to everyone you know! Also go to your Community Board meetings, door to door, to local churches, community centers, senior centers, local libraries! Talk to everyone about what is happening and let them know how to support our efforts!