Run for the board of the NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative

The NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative (REIC) is a group of over 500 New Yorkers pooling money and power to invest in real estate that preserves, restores and enhances local spaces for cultural, commercial and charitable uses in New York City. Consistent with the principles and spirit of the cooperative movement, we seek long-term, stabilizing and transformative investments for the mutual benefit of our member-investors and our communities.

NYC REIC seek candidates for the board from all five boroughs who are committed to the grassroots-led development of their neighborhoods. People engaged in organizing to keep their neighborhoods running through years of disinvestment that have preceded gentrification are encouraged to apply.

Elections are this fall!

Nominate yourself or someone else, or get more information by contacting or (718) 316-6092 X 5.

More info at