Peoples Climate Movement Organizing Meeting

February 20, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

To Change Everything We Need Everyone—And that means YOU!

The Peoples Climate Movement NY is starting off 2018 with a climate victory! After years of organizing, the Mayor, Public Advocate and Comptroller have agreed to divest NYC pension funds from their $5 billion in fossil fuels! And the Mayor is suing the top 5 fossil fuel corporations for damages to NYC and the planet.

Our movement has helped to make the fossil fuel industry a pariah that needs to be stopped. Let’s celebrate these victories and push further to save our planet and our people from deepening climate catastrophe.

So join us to celebrate and coordinate!


WE NEED YOU to dive into the ongoing campaigns the Peoples Climate Movement NY is involved in and become part of our community of change. The climate justice movement has many coalitions and moving parts and we invite you to become more active in strengthening and expanding climate action in our city and state, and nationally.

At this important city-wide organizing meeting, we will present several major campaigns and coalitions that are advancing climate policy and action. PCM-NY is involved in all of these efforts, but we need your involvement to make them more powerful:

  • NY Renews (state-wide coalition, 100% renewable energy, polluters penalty)
  • Climate Works for All (city-wide coalition, mandatory large building energy efficiency)
  • Infrastructure (city, state & national, opposing fossil fuel pipelines and nuclear plants, advancing wind and other renewable energies)
  • Divestment (city & state, divest and re-invest in a just transition to a renewable energy economy)
  • Federal Legislation (national backing for a clean energy revolution and continuing our international commitment to reducing greenhouse gases)
  • Puerto Rico Recovery (rebuilding PR with a renewable energy economy and a just transition)

Each of these coalitions involves scores of organizations and hundreds of people, but they all need more support-- your support-- to create the kind of participation that moves the climate needle in the right direction. We are also creating a Rapid Response Team that will help turn out people, sometimes on a last-minute basis, to respond to developments, demonstrations, etc.

Join our diverse and varied movement, be part of the solution to climate change, and face the future actively with us!

Come to our organizing meeting on Feb. 20th and please bring your friends and share the opportunity to change the world!!



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