Gardens Rising
Community gardens threatened by HPD development
Boardwalk Garden

07/12/16: Sara D. Roosevelt Park Coalition Fights to Reopen Stanton Street Building—The LoDown

Gardens Rising

12/21/16: Community Garden Could Save LES From Flooding Under $2M Plan—DNAinfo

03/11/16: How to get involved with Gardens Rising this year—EV Grieve

11/20/15: About the Gardens Rising logo contest—EV Grieve

11/05/15: Gardens now seen as key part of future storm-defense—The Villager

10/19/15: Community Gardens Get $2M Boost from State for Flooding Protection—DNAinfo

08/11/15: In NYC's LES, gardening is a political act of resistance—The Guardian

Community gardens threatened by HPD development

10/07/16: Protecting Our Open Space Must Be a Top Priority—Gotham Gazette

10/06/16: Exclusive: In Elizabeth Street Garden End Around, de Blasio Offers West Side Park —The Villager

10/05/16: New Affordable Housing in Every Neighborhood Including Mine—Gotham Gazette

09/29/16: 300 Rally to Save Garden, 'City Pits Parks vs. Housing'—The Villager

09/22/16: Gabriel Byrne, Electeds Try to Save Elizabeth Street Garden from New Threat—Bedford+Bowery

09/22/16: Residents Protest Plans to Turn Elizabeth Street Garden Into Housing Development—NY1

09/21/16: Residents Rally to Save Beloved Little Italy Garden from Development—The Architect's Newspaper

02/11/15: In Community Gardens, a New Weed?—New York Times

02/10/15: New Yorkers Rally to Save Community Gardens—The Observer

02/04/15: Community Gardens on HPD land at risk—Green Guerillas

01/16/15: De Blasio's Affordable Housing Plan Could Destroy 15 Community Gardens—DNA info

01/16/15: Community Gardens Must Make Way for Affordable Housing—Habitat

Boardwalk Garden

01/28/14: Coney Island Garden Uprooted for Theater—Wall Street Journal

01/17/14: 16-Year-Old Coney Island Boardwalk Community Garden Bulldozed Ahead of Childs Restaurant Revamp—Inhabitat

01/05/14: Coney Island Community Garden Bulldozed in the Dead of Night—Truthout

01/02/14: Bulldozers Destroy Coney Island Garden in Dark of Night—The Jewish Voice

01/01/14: Coney Island Community Garden Bulldozed in the Dead of Night—Care2

12/31/13: Locals Outraged by Bulldozing of a Beloved Garden—Epoch Times

12/30/13: Coney community garden bulldozed in dead of night ahead of Childs revamp—Brooklyn Daily

12/30/13: Community Garden Razed, Stirs Outrage in Brooklyn—NBC Channel 4

12/30/13: Brooklyn group outraged over destroyed garden—am 970 the answer

12/30/13: Coney Island gardeners vow court fight after garden is destroyed—Brooklyn Eagle

12/30/13: Bloomberg, Markowiz screw over Coney Island one last time—Queens Crap

12/30/13: City Secretly Bulldozes Huge Community Garden Near Coney Island Childs Restaurant Site—Grub Street

12/29/13: Coney Island Community Garden Razed in the Dark—Gothamist

12/29/13: Pre-Dawn Bulldozing of Coney Island Community Garden—Amusing the Zillions

12/29/13: Coney Island Community Garden Bulldozed For Marty Markowitz's Amphitheater—A Walk in the Park

12/28/13: Residents Outraged By Bulldozing Of Brooklyn Community Garden—CBS Local

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